About us

At GComm Telecom, we are a family first business just like most of our wonderful customers. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy home services at the best price possible. At the end of the day we are a business of connecting. We create connections not only in the homes of our customers, but lasting relationships with those customers. The business to customer relationship is at the forefront at GComm Telecom and from the start of every phone call it is obvious the care our knowledgeable agents put into every customer conversation. That is what relationships are all about, and relationships are at the heart of everything we do. Relationships with our customers, relationships with our clients, and equally important, relationships with our elite team.

For our clients, that means an elite, professional and motivated sales force ready to augment (and compete with) your in-house sales team without breaking your budget.

We are a Colorado-based business enterprise composed of some of the hardest working service agents in the business. We enjoy the challenge of presenting superior and personalized products for every customer no matter the request. There is nothing more satisfying than that heart-felt “Thank You” when a valued customer has enjoyed their GComm Telecom experience and this is what we strive for.

Whether you are a client, a customer or one of our valued agents, it is our mission to understand; and in achieving this, to exceed your expectations. And we expect to do that today, the next day, every day.


Bill Grier


After beginning his professional career in the engineering field, Bill found his niche after accepting a leadership position in a small, entrepreneurial call center company. Bill has lead contact and service organizations for over two decades for top companies, including over a decade as an executive with a Fortune 6 company, before leaving to found GComm Telecom.

Jo Grier


Jo has over two decades of experience as a leader in the service industry. She is a successful entrepreneur, teacher, consultant and artist with three degrees from the University of Colorado.